Player vs. Player (commonly abbreviated PvP) denotes combat between players.

World PvP[]

World PvP is permitted in CODEX but with the following ruleset:

  • No PvP is permitted in The Forest
  • PvP is permitted in The Coast (Zone Level 5 - 10) and The Fields (Zone Level 10 - 15)
  • Players may only engage in PvP in zones where their Class Level meets the Zone Level.
  • Players engaging in PvP against Friendly players will become a Criminal.

PvP flag[]

Players may change their PvP Flag by accessing the Command Menu or by typing /pvp. Enabling the PvP Flag will permit players to attack Friendly players and use beneficial Abilities. The PvP Flag is turned off by default.


Criminals are players who have acquired Notoriety by engaging in hostile actions against friendly players or beneficial actions against Criminals.

Players may become Criminals and engage in World PvP in Zones where the Zone Level corresponds with their Class Level. When a Criminal's Level exceeds the Zone Level, they will enter hiding denoted by a Yellow name and PvP will be disabled.


Notoriety points are acquired through committing negative actions against friendly players or by using beneficial Abilities on criminals. Points are issued in the following circumstances:

  • Attacking a Friendly (1 Notoriety per conflict)
  • Healing a Criminal (1 Notoriety per Criminal per conflict)
  • Looting a Friendly (1 Notoriety per Corpse)

Notoriety is removed by paying a Ransom to the Marshal in Boulder. Ransoms are calculated on a player's Notoriety points and level.


Upon death, players in CODEX will drop any non-Soulbound items in their possession. This does not include Seasonal Gear or any equipped items.